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If you are working at UPS then you must be aware of UPSers Login. UPS has created an online portal for its employees. Through this portal, employees can access the information they want. Here, in this post, we have updated the complete guide for UPSers Login. Also, learn how to reset your lost password. Check the complete details in the below section.

UPSers Login

The UPS Enterprise Portal is an online portal created for the employees or associates working at UPS. They can check the information related to their payroll, paycheck details, benefits programs, etc. Employees can also check their work schedules and they are also allowed to reschedule in case of emergency. For accessing all this information, employees need to login to the UPSers website. Below, we have mentioned the clear instructions along with the requirements. Just follow those instructions in order to log in to your account successfully. UPSers Login credentials must be obtained by registering or creating your own account on its official site. Check further details in the below section.

UPS Enterprise Portal
UPS Enterprise Portal

UPSers Login Guide

In order to log in to the UPS Enterprise Portal, you will require the following things. Also, you need to follow the instructions as mentioned in the below section.


  • A pc or a laptop or a smartphone with internet access.
  • UPSers login credentials i.e. User ID and Password.

Note: The User ID is nothing but your Employee ID Number and Password is the one which you have created upon your initial use.


  1. Open the web browser on your device. (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher/Chrome 34 or higher/Firefox 28 or higher are recommended)
  2. Visit the official site of UPS Enterprise Portal or click on this official website.
  3. Select the language of your choice.
  4. Then, enter your User ID and Password in the required fields.
  5. After that click ‘Log In’.
  6. Now, you can access the information you need.
UPSers Login
UPSers Login

UPSers Login – Reset Your Password

In case, if have forgotten your password, follow these steps to reset your account password:

  1. Visit the official website of UPSers Login.
  2. There you will find a link which says ‘Forgot Your Password?’ (This link is located below the Password field)
  3. Click on that link and then you will be taken to a new page.
  4. Enter your User ID and click ‘Submit’.
  5. If the User ID which you have submitted is valid, then a few Challenge Questions will be asked.
  6. You need to answer them correctly. (These are the same questions which you have set at the time of UPSers Registration).
  7. You will be given three chances to answer each question.
  8. If you answer them correctly you can reset your password.
  9. In case if you fail to do so your account will be locked for at least 15 minutes for security reasons.
  10. If you do not remember the answers, you can reset your account by filling the Technical Help Form at

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UPSers Registration

New employees or new users have to register at to create their own account. In order to register, the employee will need a User ID and a PIN. The User ID is nothing but the employee ID number and PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a one-time password that can be used for UPSers registration. UPSers Registration is an easy process and follows these steps to create your account:

  1. Visit the official site of UPSers Login.
  2. Select the language of your choice.
  3. Now, enter the User ID and the PIN.
  4. Click on ‘Log In’ button.
  5. Read and agree to all the Terms and Conditions of
  6. Provide your e-mail address and all other required details.
  7. Create your Challenge Questions along with the Responses.
  8. Create a New Password.
  9. Finally, UPSers Registration is done.
  10. Now you can use this new password to log in to your account.

About UPS

United Parcel Service commonly known as UPS, is the largest package delivery company in the United States which was started in the year 1907. Now, UPS is an American Multinational Company that is the leading global provider of supply chain management solutions and logistics services. UPS consists of 4,44,000 employees i.e. 3,62,000 in the U.S. and 82,000 internationally. It also includes 2,40,000 drivers, package handlers, and clerks.

They work for various departments such as UPS Store, Supply Chain Solutions, Airlines, Freight, Logistics, etc. But the main services offered by UPS are freight forwarding services as well as logistic services. UPS offers its services worldwide and it delivers around 15 million packages per day. Here is the list of the several operations controlled by UPS as its subsidiaries.

  • UPS Store
  • UPS Air Cargo
  • UPS Capital
  • UPS Connect
  • UPS Consulting
  • UPS Customer Solutions
  • UPS Express Critical
  • UPS i-parcel
  • UPS Freight
  • UPS Mail Innovations
  • UPS Supply Chain Solutions

That’s all about UPSers Login. We hope that this information was useful for you. If you have any questions regarding this post, let us know them through your comments.

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